Greenwich Presbyterian Church Cemetery


Alphabetical Index of Graves Sites

The churchyard cemetery provides a continuity of 200 years of Christian families that have praised God and studied his word and supported each other in times of joy and sadness. The cemetery is the final resting place of early leaders of the church, Mrs. Aminta Elizabeth Moxley, her daughter, Lucinda Irland Moxley Green, her granddaughter, Aminta Fisher Green, and Charles Green. The 200 year continuity is also symbolized by the marble tablet listing all the pastors that have led the flock during that time. The first pastor, Rev. Thomas Bloomer Balch (1833-1835) and the eighth pastor, Alexander B. Carrington (1885-1896), both rest in the cemetery. Bradford Smith Hoskins, the Englishman that wore his British uniform while riding with Confederate Colonel John Mosby's Rangers, found his eternal rest among the families of Greenwich.

This introduces just a handful of those reposing here. It is hoped that many more of the stories and the families will be committed to words and preserved for future generations of Greenwich congregation.

We welcome information requests from genealogists and will answer as soon as possible with a digital photograph of the stone. Contact Webmaster@greenwichpes.organd the request will be forwarded to the appropriate person.